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Unser Pilates Angebot



Experience traditional pilates matwork exercises and the sophisticated reformer in a small group setting of up to 6 students. Matwork is taught in a flow style focusing on precision and endurance.  
Reformer work is designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and stabilization using the resistance and assistance of the springs and straps. You'll advance quickly with regular practice!





A totally unique cardio class! Students will perform jumping intervals on the reformer cardio tramp boards, against light and heavy springs interspersed with Pilates strength work for a terrific cardio and core effect.
A great cardio boost for pilates students and perfect cross training for runners and athletes!

mit kleinen Geräten


Appropriate for beginners and regular students, mat classes encourage students to work deeply and will improve core strength, posture, balance, flexibility, and form.
We put a strong emphasis on abdominal strength and endurance and incorporate the pilates ring, foam rollers, balls, and small
arcs for an added challenge and fun.

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